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12:14 Inc.


is a theatrical production by Endel Rivers.

Based on ancient Egyptian mythology, it gives a new, groundbreaking cosmological interpretation to the Story of Creation, allowing to 'bridge' contemporary knowledge with the ancient one.

The production is staged in a specially constructed Temple Hall (see the video), where the ancient story is brought to life by modern arts and technology.
The production is first of its kind, aiming to produce a spectacular performance of high quality art and technology that express meaningful ideas.

An original concept of the evolution of life in Universe shows that in the universal time, at any time, development arises from the struggles within.

The first part of the play - Elements - takes the audience to the mysteries of Creation.
The second part - Characters - is about deities born from the Elements - the six main characters known from Egyptian mythology - whose energies can be recognized in each of us, in each moment of our day. The microcosm in the macrocosm.
Scarab - Portrait of a Man tells an ancient story through modern eyes.

A special presentation of the project was held in Compagnie Theater, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Please visit Gallery for more.